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My first impressions on Bathmate Hydromax X30

I got an opportunity to try one of new Bathmate Hydromax X30 hydropumps for penis size enhancement. So i would like to share my first impressions and my review about this famous product.

– Delivery –

My Hydromax X30 arrived within a few days from United Kingdom to the Czech Republic (Europe). The original Hydromax pump box was protected by another paper box, so it was in perfect condition. The Hydromax X30 black box is sealed (protected) so you know no one was inside.

– Bathmate box –

The original box gives feeeling of quality product. You can see it is made in UK by Bathmate.


Mine pump is the red one (Brilliant Red) which is also my favorite color. I love it :)

– Hydromax X30 unpacked first time –

You might be surprised about the pump size, this Hydromax pump (X30) is designed for 20cm penis size, so its quite big tool, which is good.

The quality of the material – it seems to be really durable polycarbon body and quality, soft & durable rubber.

On the pump, there is a handy sticker which can tell you approximate size of your penis in inches or centimeters. I love the look of the pump, especially red transparent color and quality/durability of the material.

– How to use Hydromax X30 pump –

In the short and simple instruction manual (its an image tutorial), there is an info on how to use this penis hydro pump.

1) make yourself confortable in bath/hot tub

2) fill the pump by water fully & inset your penis inside the bathmate pump. Be carefull with Your testicles, it should be out of the pump.

3) push the pump against body to create inner presure which happens on releasing. Be carefull so the presure is not too big.

In the Hydromax manual you can read that you should NOT excercise more than 15-20 minutes daily for Your optimum penis health, you can prevent bruising.

– My Hydromax X30 first use impressions & review –

How i feel about Hydromax X30? it is quite fun / enjoyable to use this hydromax pump. I experience quite good feeling about me doing something for my manhood? I wish to start using this Hydromax regularly and try what it really does in reguar use. I will publish my review on this website later.

Im sure, this Bathmate hydro pump can increase penis girth and length when excercising regularly. Its important to believe, because only in that case it will happen, one will have enough power to persist.


- Do NOT use water pumps if you canot use both hand. To release presure you should push the pump against body and release valve, which is right on the top of the pump.

The Hydromax manual is written in several languages: English, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, Japanese, French, Portugese, Chinese

And there is Bathmate Hydromax official website: http://bathmate-review.info/go/bathmate-buy/

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How do Male Enhancement Products Work

There is a plethora of male enhancement products that you can choose from but there are many products that do not work at all. In order to understand why some products work and why some do not, it is important to understand the human body.

Creams and Pills

When you are aroused, the message from the brain fills the tissues in the chambers in the penis with blood which leads to erection. Now anything that causes the chambers to accommodate lesser quantities of blood would lead to improper or bad erections. Pills and creams available in the stores can prove to be helpful by unblocking any blockage that comes in the way of the blood rushing into the penile area. Herbal pills are highly recommended as they come with no side effects and can prove to be extremely effective. Different creams can prove effective for different men depending on the nature of the blockage.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps like Bathmate penis pumps simply help in providing proper exercise to the penis. A few minutes of stretching helps in enlarging the chambers in the penis that hold the blood upon arousal. This helps in increasing the blood holding capacity of the penis which then leads to better erections.

However penis pumps should not be overused as they can cause damage on a permanent basis.

Experts always recommend that you avoid measures like surgery and instead go about the problem in a natural way. The worst thing about surgeries is that they will expose you to a number of side effects and after effects which would cause you more pain than pleasure. Therefore it is best to avoid surgery and go about the problem in a natural way. This would mean that you take a healthy diet and keep yourself fit by exercising on a daily basis.


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Male Enhancement Products

In the last few years, a lot of products have been added to the list of male enhancement products. Most products are simply fake products and are no good. However there are certain products that prove to be effective. The main objective of any male enhancement product is to improve the circulation of blood in the penile area and to improve the oxygen supply to the penile area.

The sad fact is that a lot of products fail to do this and instead cause more harm than good. While some products would help you feel in increase in sexual desire, they would not be any help in ensuring proper supply of oxygen and blood in the penile area. Certain herbal creams and pills are very helpful but then these are only a few products that come with a handsome price tag.

Bathmate and Other Products

Bathmate penis pump is one of the most popular penis stretchers out there in the markets and the reason it is being purchased in large numbers is that it has given great results to users. It works on the water-suction concept which is very effective in creating proper vacuum. The penis pump helps in increasing the spaces in the chambers of the penis to accommodate more blood and as more and more blood accumulates in the tissues, the erection betters and you enjoy a better sexual intercourse.

Similarly there are other such products you can find in the stores but it is highly recommended that you go through a few reviews and feedbacks before you finally purchase a particular product form the market. Also note that it is not necessary that an expensive product would bring better results as compared to a product that is not very expensive.

There are a large number of websites and forums that provide genuine reviews about various products in the markets. Make sure you go through these reviews in order to get a better idea of the genuine products out there in the markets. Whatever you do, remember that the best way to treat any problem is to do it the natural way!

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